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Emkay Flexipack

Emkay Flexipack was started on 5th January, 1996 by Mr. Mukund Parmar as a trading concern with objective of serving flexible packaging industry.

Emkay Flexipack was started on 5th January, 1996 by Mr. Mukund Parmar has a trading concern with the objective of serving the flexible packaging industry. Backed by a good client base and practical experience in flexible packaging, Mr. Mukund Parmar started Emkay FlexiPack as a small trading concern without any office premises. It was operated from residence by the founder of Emkay FlexiPack – Mr. Mukund Parmar. The flexible packaging plant of Emkay FlexiPack started on 28 February, 1998 located at Satej, near Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, well connected by road, rail and air.

In very short span of time, the company came out with flying colors under Mr. Parmar’s leadership and become a renowned name in its field. Emkay FlexiPack has manufacturing facilities for rotogravure printing, lamination, cutting and pouch making. Our experienced managers, supported by R&D facilities and proven quality control systems are suited for developing custom made packaging to meet the most specific needs.

Emkay produces rotogravure printed flexible packaging which comprises a combination of different plastic films. The products are manufactured either as  performed pouches or in the roll form. Our cost effective packaging provides an effective solution for unit & bulk packs of branded consumer products. Their eye-catching graphics provide aesthetic shelf appeal. Their laminate construction provides gas / moisture barrier for shelf life.

Their tamper proof characteristic ensures brand integrity. Their adaptability to high speed automated packaging systems provides hygiene and economy in the manufacture of consumer products. Their light weight & flexible structure provides convenience in distribution and storage.Growth is life so founder, proprietor Mr Mukund Parmar started other concerns in 2013 Emkay Food Products, hotel and restaurant. Mukund Parmar tied up and created Emkay Packaging as Partnership concern instead of proprietorship concerns Emkay Flexipack. Emkay Food innovated vegan ghee, tea & coffee premixes and vegan milk powders and sold them online.

Mukund Parmar created milestones in other areas but due to not focussing on packaging business, issues created and was forced to leave Emkay Packaging company. We have created great values in the food business but again started Flexible packaging business and recreated the Original Emkay Flexipack on 28.01.2022 plant at Santej, near Ahmedabad. It was mutually and legally agreed and signed by all Emkay Packaging partners that changing the name of the company means they can’t mention the word Emkay. Now son Meet Parmar and Cousin Vishal Chauhan are helping us. 30 years experience in flexible packaging and relations are helping us in growing in a fabulous way. Concept and focus is from plastic to less plastic to no plastic Means working as Total Packaging Solution.

About The Founder of Emkay Flexi Pack

The founder of the company, Emkay FlexiPack is Mr. Mukund Parmar, who is young and has a dynamic personality, an MBA in Marketing and having vast 30 years experience in Packaging Industries and 8 years food business, unique vegan ghee is developed. He always believes in hard workmanship through continuous efforts and the blessing of God, resulting in success. He always believes in good and friendly relations, whether it is for society or ethical business practices. He even believes that a small concern can teach you all the aspects of management, like  purchase, production, marketing, banking etc. It gives you the final touch in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Parmar, as a Gujarati, was only interested in his own business, and that is the outcome of the Emkay Flexi Pack. He served an organization, for the first three and half years in Gujarat, related to the Flexible Packaging industry. After having practical experience in this industry, he started Emkay FlexiPack on 5th Jan., 1996 as a small trading concern, which was operated from residence as a one man show. It was started without any finance and without any loans. However, as Mr. Parmar believes in God’s blessings and hard work, now Emkay FlexiPack is the leading manufacturer, exporter & supplier for and to Flexible Packaging Companies of Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India). 

About Emkay Flexi Pack

Emkay Flexi Pack, the name itself speaks for hard work with committed professionalism. It is not simply mentioned as M.K., rather it is EMKAY. The term “Flexi Pack ” mentions that it is the business of flexible packaging. Emkay FlexiPack is manufacturing flexible packaging materials i.e. Polyester / paper Gravure printed and laminated materials in pouch / roll form. co extrusion lamination and CI Press printing are also available.

Emkay FlexiPack was started on 5th January 1996. It was the period of Kamurta during which the Gujarati people did not start new activities. However, due to clear strategies and mission in mind, Mr. Mukund Parmar started this organization.

Emkay Flexi Pack, at present is having all the facilities like Rotogravure Printing Machines, Lamination Machine, Photocell Slitting Machine, Pouching Packing Machine and R & D facilities; all under one roof.

At present, Emkay FlexiPack is a professional organization with a good team. Special personnel are appointed for continual supervision during production. Special staff is appointed for hard-core fieldwork to achieve the sales target in the assigned territories, constantly monitoring competitors’ activities in the market and credit control by constant follow-up of payments. Emkay has a good premise in the center of Ahmedabad city with facilities for creative design work.

about our vegan Products

We have created Unique Vegan Ghee, Tea and Vegan Milk Powders. www.emkayfoodproducts.com